Baby Guarantees

Posted on: August 14, 2018 | Infant Care, parenting, Postpartum

Babies who are loved

Valedictorians were born at home and breast fed.

They had to have been, right?

At a recent elementary school graduation, I marveled at the youth, the brilliance, the silliness of the 6th graders.

These 12 year olds strutted, slunk or danced across the auditorium.

Something hit me hard.

You couldn’t tell who had been born at home.

“If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.” —Clint Eastwood

Loving parents care for their babies. They feed them; they put them to bed safely on their backs; they meet their needs and they love them.

And parents do all those things motivated by love, with no guarantees of academic or social performance as they grow.

It’s just love, pure and simple.

Early childhood development is critical to overall growth and academic success. But not how you think.

Studies repeatedly show that reading aloud to our children is the number 1 predictor of academic success. Do you want a child who is a good reader? Read to them.

Do you want to raise an empathetic child? Read to them.

Do you want to help your child achieve academic success? Read to them.

Do you want your child’s brain to develop optimally? Read to them.

Do you want your child to develop a strong vocabulary? Read to them. 

Read books for infants, read excerpts from your magazines, read and point out objects in picture books. Read the same story every night. Read a different story because you’re tired of the same story. Read when you are pregnant, read when your baby is a newborn. Read when you don’t think your baby is listening.

Just read.