Not Enough Hands! Tips for Prepping Your Home

Posted on: April 12, 2018 | Infant Care, Postpartum

Ways to prepare your home for a new baby:

  1. If you choose to breastfeed, select a few places in your home to nurse your baby. The nursery may seem like the obvious choice, but babies eat frequently. We recommend having a space in a living or family room area also so that you can still keep tabs on your home. When your guests are gone, you might find the family room or den a more comfortable place to be. (Some people don’t mind company while they’re breastfeeding, so if that works for you, go fo it! Your home, your rules!)
  2. Set up breastfeeding/baby stations. Use a decorative basket, for example, to hold some must haves: extra pacifier, diapers, wipes, soothing nipple cream, heating pad, burp cloth, bottle of water, snack for you.
  3. Wear pockets or clip your phone to your shirt. Otherwise you might find yourself backtracking through the house on the hunt for a wayward electronic.
  4. Have ready to go healthy snacks. Prepackaged carrots, an apple, cheese sticks, and anything you can quickly assemble and eat one-handed are great choices. (Tip: Soup can be drinkable, from a mug!)
  5. Place a bassinet next to where you sleep, and when your baby falls asleep, you lay down too. It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that babies sleep in the same room as another adult, but not in the same bed.  Even if you don’t think you can sleep, chances are high that your body needs the rest.
  6.  Set up and store the breast pump near an electric outlet (most pumps are electric) and select a comfortable chair to relax in while you use the pump. (This is if you are breastfeeding, and if you choose to use a breast pump.)

These first few days are all about learning to care for your baby and recovery from the birth.

Sometimes parents forget that they need care, also.

Use your favorite scented soap in the shower; enjoy a piece of chocolate. Accept trustworthy help when it is offered.

Having a baby is hard; raising a baby is hard, too. But the sunshine a baby brings into your life makes the stormy days so worth it.