Shine Bright: Murphy Wallace

Posted on: July 25, 2018 | working mom

Shine Bright, Murphy Wallace!

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Murphy Wallace, author and married mother of two, recently moved to the Space Coast from Pennsylvania last spring. Her first book, Stolen Love, is available on Amazon.  Her second book, With Love, is coming this fall.

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(*This book contains some intense situations that may be triggering to some people. For more information, please read the reviews listed on Amazon about this book.)

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“You’re different and unique. Any one who doesn’t appreciate you for being yourself isn’t worth your time.”  –Murphy Wallace

All About Work:

SBC: Describe what you do in 10 words or less.
MW: Write romance novels
What do you find most enjoyable about your job?
I love being able to create stories for others to enjoy.
What brought you to your career?
A dream
What’s one professional or personal development conference you would love to attend?
RWA – Romance Writers of America. They hold a national conference every year.
How do you stay current in your field?
Marketing and networking
What do you find most challenging about your job?
Finding time to write
How do you hope to impact your industry?
I want to be able to create an escape for people when they need a break from life.

Life with the Fam:

How do you celebrate your (or your family’s) birthdays?
Special family time
What is your favorite thing about living in The Sunshine State?
The scenery!
What surprises you the most about being a parent?
I always knew I would love my children. I never knew how strong that love would be. It’s fierce.
What’s one thing you always have in your pocket or wallet? (besides keys and money!)
Cell phone
What would you tell your 16 year old self?
You’re different and unique. Any one who doesn’t appreciate you for being yourself isn’t worth your time.
What woman inspires you the most?
J.R. Ward – Author
What’s your go-to accessory?
What’s the first thing you do after a long day at work?
Take a deep breath and try to separate my work stress from my family time.
What’s your favorite “One Hit Wonder”?
Ice Ice Baby
What’s the funniest thing your child has ever said?
Once my oldest son said, “ I know where milk comes from.” He was 5 and I was waiting for him to say from a cow. “From boobies.” It took me by surprise!
What’s your favorite book–or what are you currently reading?
Going to have to brag here – my book, Stolen Love, is pretty amazing!
Where do you go to recharge?
To sleep

Thanks, Murphy! Welcome to Brevard County!