Theme Park Strollers

Posted on: August 10, 2018 | Infant Care, parenting

If you’re going to Disney, you may be asking “Should I rent a stroller at Disney?

What kind of stroller should we bring to Disney?”

We have traveled with many families and here is what we’ve learned about bringing strollers to a theme park.

We do recommend bringing a stroller that lays flat so your baby can take a nap; folds easily to bring on and off trams and monorails; and has a generous sunshade canopy with open air capability for hot days.

Credit: Amy Bredemeyer

Here are some tips for keeping a stroller cool in the heat at Disney:

  • Make use of a battery operated stroller fan. They clip on to strollers and can create a breeze in a stagnant space.
  • Keep it shaded. Use the canopy!
  • Don’t hang blankets over the stroller for extra shade–they can trap the heat. Make sure the stroller is well vented with open air circulation.

Suggested stroller features for Disney:

  • Crowds can be intense. Go for a smaller size stroller that can easily navigate crowds and smaller spaces.

Credit: Sammi Paquin

  • If you need a double stroller--look for a front/back seated stroller. Or be prepared for some extra defensive driving action on crowded days. 😉
  • Skip the all terrain wheels for the theme parks: sidewalks are smooth and you shouldn’t need to roll on grass at all.
  • Canopies are great for shade, not so much for storing plates, as our favorite Disney vacation planner @DisneyBucketListPlanner discovered:

“But word to the wise… don’t rest your Food & Wine plates on the canopy… kids love to pull that whole thing straight down! #lessonlearnedthehardway” -Jessica Bouwsma

  • Roomy storage helps a lot. Strollers are handy for storing a diaper bag with diapers, wipes, bottles, snacks for the family, change of clothes for baby, etc.
  • Bring a rain cover (or large poncho) for your stroller. Look for rain covers that have some breathable mesh for ventilation. And cover when parked while you’re going to an attraction: it will protect your stroller if left outside during our afternoon thunderstorms.

Credit: Ashley Suit

Rain cover + stroller fan = essentials”-Ashley Suit

  • Make it easily identifiable! Tie a bandana around the handlebar and use a glowstick at night to find your stroller quickly.
  • Most restaurants do not have room for strollers. Bring a baby wrap to wear your infant baby while dining; or bring a doula or friend to help hold your baby!

Stroller Security:

  • Don’t store valuables–strollers are left unattended when you park a stroller to go into a restaurant, restroom, show, or ride.
  • If you store food in your stroller: Beware the squirrels and birds! They will get into your snacks if you leave them unattended. Or next to you on a bench.
  • We do not recommend bringing your high-end stroller. Strollers are left outside, even in the rain, at Disney. (And there are cases where people have stolen strollers.)
  • Put a tracker on your stroller in case it is moved.
  • Do not use bike or stroller locks. Cast members will cut them if they need to move your stroller.

Note: Disney uses designated parking areas for strollers. If you find your stroller was moved, look around. Cast members will move strollers if they are not in designated parking areas, which is typically open air and uncovered.

credit: @DisneyBucketListPlanner

Here is a new stroller parking system Disney has begun rolling out at Animal Kingdom to help guests find their strollers more easily.

If you have an infant under the age of 1, we recommend bringing your own stroller. This way you will ensure adequate head support for your baby.

Credit: Kristina Walcott

We do recommend leaving your car seat attachment in the car. You won’t need to transport your baby in a car while you are in the theme park. It takes up a lot of space in the stroller, and can get rained on if not covered. Plus we find babies tend to be way more comfortable and accessible without the car seat. Additionally, you must completely collapse your stroller on trains, monorails, and trams.

If you’d like an extra set of capable hands at Disney World, consider bringing a Sunshine Baby Company doula to accompany you! Your doula can keep an eye on your baby and your stroller while you enjoy your  magical day.