World Breastfeeding Week Triumph

Posted on: August 6, 2018 | Infant Care, lactation, parenting, Postpartum

Its World Breastfeeding Week!

We’d like to acknowledge the joy that comes from feeding a baby. The image of a mother, blissfully feeding her beautiful baby, gentle smile, eyes connecting, is powerful! Who doesn’t want that intimate connection with their baby?

It feels like the second test of motherhood: 1st, the birth. 2nd, breastfeeding.

It’s natural to want to feed our offspring. Endorphins flow when our loved ones enjoy a good meal we have lovingly prepared.

Grandmas all over the world beg to give a baby bottle!! And non breastfeeding partners, too, long to feed their babies.

It’s primally satisfying to feed someone we love. Thanksgiving meals, Sunday dinners, family breakfasts–I bet you know someone who loves to feed you.

And it starts with babies.

If you breastfed your baby, we recognize that you probably struggled through some challenges. Breastfeeding doesn’t necessarily come easily and most women had moments of doubt or frustration. It comes easily to some and not so easily to many.

You found the information, support and techniques to allow you to breastfeed your baby. Maybe you faced some awkward moments or were criticized for your choice.

We see you.

The funny thing about World Breastfeeding Week is the intention to celebrate and encourage women–and also normalize breastfeeding, which has long been dubiously vilified as a leaky weapon to “steal someone’s husband” despite its stellar nutritious portfolio.

But when we recognize and celebrate one choice, people who didn’t or couldn’t choose that same thing feel judged and marginalized.

Because feeding our babies is controversial somehow.

If you choose to give your baby pumped breast milk from a bottle, your challenges are unique. Pumping is time consuming; bottles still need to be washed and milk stored safely and your baby still needs to be lovingly fed.

If you choose to give your baby formula, your challenges are unique. Trial and error of which formula brand best suits your baby; bottle care and formula preparation/storage presents its own struggle. Not to mention the Mommy Judges. And your baby still needs to be lovingly fed.

The unifying factor in these situations is: Your baby is lovingly cared for; lovingly fed.

How you do that are different sides of the same coin.

We recognize the value of breast milk.

And we recognize the value of the people struggling through these challenges and decisions.

We will educate and support on breastfeeding.

We will educate and support with bottlefeeding.

You deserve support; your baby deserves to be lovingly cared for.

We’ve got your back–no judgment. We offer pure celebration and unconditional support.