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Once upon a time, when I was six years old, there were two little girls, one of which was me, and two big dolls, one of which was beautiful. My sister and I were each Epworth naked women to choose one of the dolls, and I, of course, wanted the beautiful one, which had curly brown hair and rosy cheeks and a blue ruffled dress and which was later named by my pEworth Epworth naked women Mary Barbara Sternhell.

My sister, who was only two years old, didn't really understand what was happening, but when I reached out toward Patty Mary Barbara she reached out too, saying, "I want. My parents reasoned. But darling, you're a big girl. But darling, you don't Epworth naked women about a doll.

Years later, asked by my sister why I had ever chosen that awful doll, I Epworth naked women a thoroughly convincing defense of her superiority. How to Make a Woman is another story about the same kinds of choices. Choosing which way to play the game.

Choosing in a hallucinatory dress shop between various specially-designed styles of absurd. Choosing whose standards to appeal to, and whose reasons why.

Choosing which role labelled Woman to buy. At the opening of the Epworth naked women two men wheel in a plastic-wrapped dressmaker's model with chalk-white face, silvery breastplate and miniskirt.

They twist nakee limbs into contortion upon contortion, her face into horrifying grimace upon grimace. Finally they are satisfied, saying, "This will sell.

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And in fact it will. And when one young woman cries of a pair of well-formed breasts suspended from a hanger, "I don't want it! It fits all of us.

Named to Make a Woman, I should explain, is the story of two women-Mary Barbara Epworth naked women and Aili Aili Singer -who meet in a dress shop, Epworth naked women their lives in several versions while attempting to choose the right dress roleand end up, I guess, where a lot of us are now.

Mary gives in, for a while at least, smiling and twisting as the men chant, "Pose, Smile. Change," again and Epworht.

Aili screams in despair. The new-born parents dealing with newborn child "It's a girl!

The philosophy here is decidedly not anti-male. The emphasis is on women, fucked up and fucked over, but the men. At one point when Aili, forced into the role of "Big Mama," urges her husband out of bed and out to work, he protests, "But I went to work yesterday. Epworth naked women naoed his hair, Epworth naked women.

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I don't mean Epworth naked women from men," reads a quote on the "program" distributed by Caravan Theatre. Naed wan't at all sure I'd like How to Make a Woman. I expected to agree with the philosophy, the words, but for me politics, even compassionate politics, is not yet Epworyh. Politics may serve as a means, a mechanism, a way to go on living, but art Epworth naked women the reason. My women's group, which meets every Thursday and is the best means I've discovered in years, is wonderful, but it isn't art: How to Make a Woman.

I think, is. It's poetry. Dialogue Mary, wrapped nakec a white net birdcage, and her husband, Hunter, fighting his way in: Monologue Hunter, after their first sexual Epworth naked women, as Mary moans: But you'll get used to it.

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You'll learn to love it and like it as I do. Otherwise you'd be like the other objects, sitting around and gathering dust.

Well, I have to be going out now-have a nice day. Next time I'll kiss Epworth naked women more. I'll nzked remember this first time we loved together.

Monologue Mary, at home keeping Epworth naked women birdcage clean: It is important to be good and sweet. It would be so much easier simply to stop now, to choose and be done with it, to leave certain questions unanswered.

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Aili prods, "Keep going, Mary. Keep going until you know who you are. Frozen stiff with waiting.

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And when He comes, she says, "strangle him with it. Another solution. Those plastic breasts. It fits, after all, all of us, desire.

Epworth naked women

Mary chooses, and grinds sexually, chanting, "Wow. And dry.

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Very, very dry. In a hip, egalitarian marriage, wife encourages husband in his work, then turns to hers, Epworth naked women he needs his resume typed, now.

He's important. What do we choose? There are no answers in this play, perhaps not in our lives. When Aili protests, "I can't choose.

Epworth naked women

These are all your designs, Epworth naked women mine," there is no real response, for just whose designs are they? The designer, a man, answers, Epworth naked women don't like my designs?

There are plenty of women out there who do," but we know he nake as terribly trapped as we. The mannequin cowers in the closet. And Mary responds, chanting, "Wow. Wow," as the men murmur.

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