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Really need something good

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Do you have plans, goals, ideals, or outcomes that you want to achieve?

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The idea is very simple. Jocko believes that complaining when things go wrong is useless.

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So if you get discouraged when things go bad, or keep complaining about all the things that go wrong, give this method a go. It goes like this.

Instead, he says that something good could emerge out of something bad. But it requires you to focus on the good first. How do you do that? By saying GOOD every time something goes wrong.

A word for: something good that came out of something bad - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

Jocko explains in Discipline Equals Freedom:. We can focus on another one. We can keep it simple.

More time to get better. We own more of the company. Go out, gain more experience, build a better resume.

Got injured? Needed a break from training. Got tapped out?

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Got beat? We learned. Unexpected problems?

A few years ago, I wanted to stop complaining once and for all. Like all the advice says, I started small. And that went really well.

20 words that once meant something very different |

Or Really need something good your coffee mug broke? Everyone can do that minor stuff. How do Rwally hold up when big setbacks happen?

Do you still complain? Or have you trained yourself enough to always focus on the good? For me, it took about two years to get really good at this.

Improve Your English Vocabulary with 10 Great Alternatives to "Good" | FluentU English

When something went wrong in my personal life or business, I would still complain about it. Mostly to myself. But now, when things go wrong, I see it as a trigger for doing Really need something good else. And the way you can form that trigger is the way Jocko formulates it above. This is not a Nobel RReally winning theory or anything.

The Secret To Getting Really, Really Good At Something

I simply found this exercise very beneficial. It just shows that even though gooe can read much about a topic, there is always something to learn.

I may have read dozens of books about mindset, but none of the advice worked until I found this. You keep on going until you find something that somefhing works. Want to hear more thoughts on this topic?

When you join my weekly newsletter, I will send you two free eBooks. One on building better habits and another one on doubling your productivity.

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Join below:. Did You Fail At Something? If so, I want to share a simple, yet powerful idea with you ned this article.

He says: Really need something good is a habit. And if you want to stop complaining, you need to approach it as changing a habit. Every time something goes wrong, focus on the good thing about the situation.

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Jocko explains in Discipline Equals Freedom: Somthing the small stuff. Stress the big stuff. Train yourself to think: Join below: Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

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