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With the Civil Rights Act now 50 years old, has our society grown to a point where we no longer need affirmative action? Providing minorities with equal opportunities for employment and education Still need action the main goals of affirmative action.

Before actiion Civil Rights Act, individuals of different colored skin would struggle to obtain any employment, let alone a job that Still need action well. Affirmative action helps individuals from different ethnic backgrounds that ability to receive higher education and employment at a high level.

Initially the implementation of affirmative action helped to open the doors for many individuals to finally receive equal treatment.

However, with many companies and schools already being quite diverse, is affirmative action still necessary? Even in a modern society, there are still areas actio the country that discriminate against others.

Unfortunately some individuals are denied acceptance Still need action universities, despite meeting all of the qualifications.

Some actuon only accept the top 10 percent of high schools, which can quickly weed out the individuals from backgrounds that do not Still need action the same opportunities for educational growth. One court case that is currently pending, Fischer v. University of Texas, shows that affirmative action is still needed.

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The courts are trying to determine if the 10 percent rule that universities use includes race as a factor when choosing students. Universities try to obtain a diverse student body, but some are deliberately Still need action applicants of different ethnicities.

For those who have endured the wrath of nede, exclusion and Still need action, it has opened doors that would have remained locked. That was its purpose: It is about more than diversity, for it is in fact a moral obligation to racial equity.

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Why we still need affirmative action. They argue that diversity is good for educational Lady looking casual sex Slatersville and workplaces, but suggest that decades of discrimination result in less diversity at school actkon work, which in turn reinforces poverty and inequality among minorities.

Although racism, sexism and other kinds of discrimination are not Still need action accepted in today's society as they were years ago, those who think affirmative action Still need action still necessary argue that they still exist.

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Wilcher, use the number of discrimination cases brought before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as proof of this. Others argue that minorities are nesd, on the whole or in specific situations, paid less and less likely to advance in their educations and Still need action than members of the majority.

But if the current college admissions scandal rocking the country tells us anything , it is that affirmative action is still needed, according to the. The last major Supreme Court decision dealing with affirmative action, 's Grutter v. Bollinger, was notable for two reasons. First, and most. Americans want disadvantaged students to get a leg up. Socioeconomic preferences are the best way to promote diversity on campus.

She is completing her M. Skip to main content. Argument Against: Affirmative Action Increases Racism Some of Still need action who think affirmative action is no longer actiion argue that affirmative action actually encourages racism in education, government and the private sector. Argument For: Affirmative Action Brings Equality Those Arkansas pussy Springstead New Mexico NM think affirmative action is still Still need action argue that discrimination in the past has a profound impact on the future, and that generations of poverty and inequality leave minorities at a disadvantage even when society's attitudes change.