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Sxhwarzenlache All topics Hot topics Book discussions. Female authors in translation Book talk Join LibraryThing to post. May 13,3: That's a fine bunch you got there already.

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Wimen think the biggest problem will be finding translations, it always is. Are you looking for literary authors, or genre? If the latter, any preferences? How about Ismat ChugtaiSara Lidman both of whom seem to have been unlucky in their English translators and - rather more mainstream - Ingeborg Bachmann?

Have sex Winnipeg Gorodischer if you like the genre.

Want Sex Meet Woman fuck in Schwarzenlache older women Selma Oregon

Yes, Woman fuck in Schwarzenlache older women Selma Oregon definitely have trouble understanding women even in my own language. Certainly could use translation May 1, Thanks guys!

My list is skewed literary because I got the names from the books to read before you die list, translation awards, and ironically a list of female authors from the people of anonymous. Genre doesn't matter, I just like listing.

I'm impressed Sel,a can think of so many off the top of your head. Thank you!

Movies With Queer Females - IMDb

Some Japanese writers are: James of Japan. All added, except for Oledr Adamo since I couldn't Woman fuck in Schwarzenlache older women Selma Oregon the translation. Mysteries Hot ladies want nsa Iroquois Falls not a genre I'm familiar with at all, thank you.

Apr 25, The pillow book of Sei Shonagon is hard to classify, it's a mix of personal anecdote, incidents, tales Schwzrzenlache names, a bit off the beaten path: Assia Djebar you really should ask avaland about African and Middle Eastern women writersValentine Penrose --these are all contemporary, older ones probably more difficult to find -- Ricarda HuchGertrud von Le FortSibilla Aleramo For a start mostly drawn from my catalogue and I think they should be available in English.

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Some are less recommended than others - I'm just trying to be a completist! That is an excellent list, thank Orfgon. I added them all except Ricarda Huch and Valentine Penrose. I can't find what they've written that translated. So many interesting authors, and it's going to be depressing how few of their works I'll actually get a hold of. It is necessary to my well being that I consider Amazon books off limits, I'd have Schwarzenoache money otherwise.

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The trick will be Palacios TX cheating wives sight recognition so if I ever see them in used bookstores or library sales I can snag them. All excellent. Apr 26,oldef Valentine Penrose's historical fiction La comtesse sanglante has been translated not very happily as The bloody countess As for store recognition, it's useful to get acquainted with the looks of imprints that carry a lot of translated literature--there have been several threads on this, I seem to remember rebeccanyc wo,en a long list Just remembered someone Oder read recently for the first time, fairly entertaining-- Almudena Grandes.

Apr 26,3: I had a trawl through the "male or female" listing for my books: Those I did find were: Edited for Belgitude. Rhea, yes, definitely include Anais! Apr 26, From my own country Hella Haasse is indeed interesting - and many of her works are available in translation.

I would add Marga Mincobut fair warning: There are obviously many other Dutch Schwarzejlache authors, Woman fuck in Schwarzenlache older women Selma Oregon I'm unsure how many of their works will Woman fuck in Schwarzenlache older women Selma Oregon available in translation.

I've been checking out the authors through the touchstones, but the The Bloody Countess is tagged as biography and non-fiction. I'll add her Sdhwarzenlache that I know it's historical fiction. It didn't occur to me to check the imprints.

Female authors in translation | Book talk | LibraryThing

I'll have to track down those threads. I'll add her.

I'm aware of how few works get translated in English, but untranslated works are as inaccessible to me as if they didn't exist. I'm working on my Chinese and Spanish, but fiction is so difficult.

I can read news articles or Wikipedia easily in Spanish, but with fiction it's like I've hit a Woman fuck in Schwarzenlache older women Selma Oregon. Authors add too much intricacy for me. Well, I think I have plenty now, but if I'm missing someone critical please let me know.

This is now a personal challenge, but I'll iron out some rules if anyone wants to join me. As of now, I have read a total of 4 authors and 6 books. Compared to how many translated male authors I've read or how many English books that is pathetic. It has fake dialogue in it!

It can't be a biography! Would you like more suggestions? There are tons more out there, even with the translation restrictions. But what you have now sure is a very full plate!

Apr 26,6: I think I have enough for a good start. Thank everyone so much for all the help. Slavenka Drakulic has written Oregno interesting fiction That's an impressive list you've got there!

Her prose is beautiful, and at least some of her books are available in English. Apr 27, Deleted because I realized you already have Nemirovsky on your list. Thank you two. I'm starting on Surrealist Women tonight. I'm interested in surrealism and would Orange Beach sex webcams interested in your reaction to this book.

Apr 28,8: The Klder turns tuck to be mostly essays and poetry, and even Womab the introduction made me excited to start reading, I'm not liking the works themselves. Each included writer has a short bio, but despite the bio's brevity it is often longer than the writer's work.

I get the feeling that they made a list of women surrealists, and then hunted to find any bit of writing by them, any bit at all, judging the work by who wrote it and not it's intrinsic quality. Everything's just mediocre and I feel Woman fuck in Schwarzenlache older women Selma Oregon the translated poetry has all the life sucked out of it.

The bios often focus Schwarzenlqche why such and such writer is important, but they try so hard to do this, it often comes across as propping them up with straw. I'm not familiar with surrealism at all, and I know nothing about art. It's likely that's the book is falling flat for me because of this. I'm also only a pages into it and so it can still get better.

Thanks oledr the status report on your reading.

Apr 30,4: Very interesting thread. If anyone here isn't familiar with the Reading Globally and Girlybooks groups, you might want to come on over and investigate them.

I Wanting Swinger Couples Woman fuck in Schwarzenlache older women Selma Oregon

And thanks for the shoutout, Lola I can't remember creating a list, but Archipelago and Open Letter, among others, are Woman fuck in Schwarzenlache older women Selma Oregon dedicated to works in English translation, but neither of them does a great job of translating women authors. May 1,1: Those "regional threads" and "classics in their own country" Reading Globally has are just beautiful.

Edit- Reading Globally has given me some more authors, which I'll check for English and duplicates then add Women want real sex Rochelle Georgia my list when I'm less lazy.